German quail dog: correct attitude and upbringing

Once bred by hunters, a German quail dog is a real all-rounder among hunting dogs. He can browse, retrieve and even do the tasks of a pointing dog. This versatility makes it very popular with sport and professional hunters. Add to that his absolutely loving nature. This German quail dog is watching especially well - Shutterstock / Capture Light

This German dog breed is passionate about hunting and absolutely good-natured in a cozy home. The quail is not only a docile and faithful companion, but also intelligent. He is equally friendly to people and other fellows. But even if the German quail dog has a very loving nature, it is not suitable as a pure family dog. Because these beneficial traits only show a satisfied animal - and the German quail is only on the side of a hunter.

Important for the German quail: species-appropriate husbandry

The German Wachtelhund is a hunting dog that is only given to hunters by reputable breeders. His fine nose, his fetching pleasure and his perseverance distinguish him. This journeyman is only balanced and satisfied when he is challenged in this area - after all, he is an absolute bundle of energy with a very high urge to move. Here are several kilometers long walks and suitable training on the daily schedule. It therefore costs its owner a lot of time and energy.

Improper husbandry quickly leads to imbalance and problematic behavior is then inevitable. For example, the quail will refuse to obey - or worse, go donate. In the worst case, your dog may poach if he does not feel underused. In the hunting household, a German quail dog gets its money's worth, namely when he can let his rummages run free in the hunting area.

Correctly raise a hunting dog: you have to be aware of that

If the hound is to live up to its name, you have to ...

The quail needs education and training

After the animal was successfully imprinted on its owner right from the start, it should receive hunting dog training. Dog owners of this breed will quickly notice how extremely adaptable their four-legged friend is. Even if friendliness is in the blood of the quail dog: Any kind of mind, however lovable, can fly away through improper dog training. Therefore, the right upbringing should be just as important as the species-appropriate attitude.

Obedience is particularly important so that the four-legged friend brings the prey to his master when he orders "Apport" and does not much prefer to play with her. A dog handler of this breed should therefore start tracking and welding work as early as possible - and thus lay the foundation for a good hunter. Here is a German quail dog training for the so-called youth test:

German quail dog wants to rummage and hunt

The German quail dog is mainly used as a rummaging dog in the forest. But it is also suitable for water hunting and also cuts a good figure in the field. If necessary, he tracks his trail for several hours; that is, a German quail dog barks in a special way while following the scent of a trace. Although he is not a pointing dog, he also does this task with flying colors - all these skills are deeply rooted in him.

Don't panic on longer trips by the four-legged friend: A quail dog does not usually follow on foot. When browsing, he sometimes walks away from his master for several hours. If the hound has been successfully minted on its holder, it will return reliably. Then all you have to do is be patient and wait - the hunting dog does its job.