Beagle grabs chicken nuggets from the oven

Beagle lady Lucy shows in this video how a dog gets the most tasty treats that mistresses like to hide from their four-legged friends. With a hidden camera, the owners film their darling and oops: does the bitch steal chicken nuggets out of the oven?

Lucy is a very clever little animal and has worked intensively on household appliances. And so the charming lady noticed that her owners always put something raw in the oven and something super delicious comes out after a while. Why shouldn't the four-legged friend of the house take a taste test beforehand?

No sooner said than done: First, Lucy thinks about how to get to the mini oven. "I can't jump from the table to the device. Crap!", She thinks and climbs off the kitchen table again. But then she comes up with an idea: Carefully, she pushes a chair near the kitchen cupboards and jumps on the seat first, then carefully hops onto the worktop. She elegantly runs past the sink, straight to the small mini oven.

With her paw she skillfully opens the device from which the delicious scent of chicken nuggets seems to rise. Plop, Lucy already threw a piece of the delicious meat on the floor. "It tastes sooo good. I think I'll get another one or two servings," thinks the beagle, hops on the worktop again, pulls out the entire tin and throws it on the floor. There is nothing left for the owners of this cheeky badger, but at least the bitch is now full.

However, this action is not an isolated case: As the owner says in a comment on YouTube, Lucy moves a chair every day, jumps on the worktop and steals delicious food that is actually not intended for her. The device was apparently no longer warm at these times. Lucy apparently did not suffer burns from her little theft.

But caution is advised: dogs can burn themselves in a hot oven and should therefore be kept away from them!

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