Intervene in dogfight: yes or no?

In most cases, a dog quarrel serves to clarify the ranking between two four-legged friends. But it can also turn into a serious fight in which the animals try to hurt each other. In such a case, how can you intervene without endangering yourself? "They make that out among themselves": What is it about this sentence about the dog fight? - Shutterstock / Katho Menden

Loud barking, gnashing of teeth, growling - such a dog quarrel quickly becomes scary. This is mostly a show posture, in which both dogs want to show that they are stronger than the other. You usually do not have to intervene. However, there are exceptions.

Dog quarrel: harmless or serious fight?

Dog controversy is usually a kind of dominance behavior: the dogs want to clarify the hierarchy. Afterwards they are a heart and a soul - unless the ranking is questioned again. It is better not to intervene in dog fights, in which a lot of noise is made and stated vigorously. On the one hand, you prevent the ranking from being clarified, on the other hand, the dogs may misunderstand your behavior and could hurt you or become even more aggressive.

A harmless dog fight can also become a serious fight, for example, if neither of the two animals gives way. A serious fight can also flare up between bitches, especially during heat. Bitches argue less about dominance behavior, they don't want to defend a territory, but their - real or imaginary - litter. But it quickly becomes bitterly serious when two female dogs attack each other once. You can recognize a serious fight by the fact that the dogs bite and try to hurt their "opponent".

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Intervene in case of unequal opportunities

You should intervene as much as possible in a serious fight as well as in the case of unequal opportunities. For example, there are unequal chances between a very small and a very large dog or between an adult dog and a puppy. To avoid injury, you need to consult with the other dog's owner. Grab both of the brawlers at the hind legs above your paws, push them forward at the same time and then pull them far apart. By pushing them forward like a wheelbarrow, the opponents are surprised and open their mouths so that you can then separate them without injuries.

If this does not work, and if one of the dogs has already bitten into the other's fur, you can open your dog's mouth with a piece of wood while the other dog owner is pulling his four-legged friend away. If that is not possible either, try a bucket of water that you spill over the fighting dogs. You can achieve a similarly pleasant surprise effect by throwing your jackets over the fighting cocks so that they and the other dog owner can no longer see anything. In extreme emergencies, pepper spray can also be used as the last option.

Warning: safety comes first!

In the serious dog fight, your otherwise peaceful, cuddly darling is completely out of his own so that he cannot recognize your good intentions if you intervene. He could seriously injure you in the heat of the moment. So be very careful. If your dog's posture tightens at the sight of a conspecific, say "Come", turn around and walk with your dog somewhere else. Because it is of course best if you can avoid such a dog fight from the outset.

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