Is Cat Mushroom Contagious to Humans?

Velvet paws from typical holiday countries in southern Europe are often infected with cat fungus. Is the disease contagious to people? The answer is yes. You should pay attention to this if you or your children come into contact with stray cats. Cat mushroom is particularly contagious for children - Image: Shutterstock / Shmeliova Natalia

The aggressive cat mushroom is also transferable to humans. It is particularly common in Mediterranean countries - stray animals in particular are often infected with it. Children are so often infected with the disease when they play with the velvet paws or stroke them. But cat fungus is also a danger for adults - especially if they have a poorly trained immune system.

Katzenpilz: More and more cases also in Germany

The cat mushroom or Microsporum Canis, as the Latin name for it, is now very widespread. In addition to the occurrence of velvet paws in southern European countries, there are now more and more cases of this in Germany. Animals and people who have contracted it bring the disease to other countries.

The fungal infection is highly contagious

The difficult thing: the cat itself usually shows no symptoms of the fungus if it has not yet broken out. Of course, this makes it almost impossible to tell whether it carries the pathogen. But even the slightest touch can be contagious. If the disease has already broken out in the cat, you can recognize it by bald spots in the fur of the animal. A tablet cure from the veterinarian is sufficient for treatment.

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In humans, you will usually only recognize the fungus at one point - the one that has come into contact with the infected cat. It is usually recognizable as a small, red spore that is very itchy. Therefore, people initially mistake the cat fungus for an insect bite. Untreated, it spreads further and further. If the scalp is affected, the fungus can even cause hair loss at the site.