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One walk for dog it is one of the main accessories that the owner can purchase for greater comfort of his pet, especially if he stays a lot inside the house or likes to lie on the owner's bed or on the sofa. Having his own bed, he will not occupy the space that is not his.

  • There is a very wide variety of dog walks, with different sizes, types and colors, and should be chosen with the dog's size in mind and the one that seems most comfortable to him. Learn how to make a bed for dogs In addition to the models available on the market, it is also possible to make a comfortable walk for your dog at home, without much difficulty or need to invest a lot of money. Also read about large and small dog houses.
  • Turn the sweatshirt inside out, join the front of the collar with the back and sew with the knitting thread;
  • Mark with pins a straight line from one armpit to the other, sewing the line later, to join the front and back of the sweatshirt;
  • Pin the sleeve along the body of the blouse, and then sew until close to the cuff of the sweatshirt;
  • Through the cuffs, fill the “tube” that will be formed in the blouse with an acrylic blanket, to leave the edges of the bed very fluffy;
  • Place the cushion inside the body of the sweatshirt and sew the bars together, closing the garment;
  • Join the cuffs and sew the openings together, closing the edge of the bed, and then, with the common thread, pass the piece of flap through that part, to hide the seam and give a more charming touch to the piece;

After that, just teach your puppy that he now has a walk made especially for him! See these quick six tips on dog training.

What to do with a dog that is in the habit of sleeping in the owner's bed?

In many cases the owner himself makes his dog make it a habit to sleep in his bed as a puppy by placing him in it. According to experts, letting your puppy sleep in the same bed as you can bring about various undesirable behaviors such as aggressiveness, excessive lack and possessiveness of the pet in relation to its owner. In addition, sleeping in the owner's bed may not be healthy when the dog is not properly groomed.

If the owner still wants to have the pet sleeping with him, some precautions are recommended, such as: deworming, vaccination in day, cleaning the paws before putting the dog to bed and the daily change of used sheets.

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If on the other hand the owner wants his dog to lose this habit the tips are:

  • Choose a comfortable and ideal bed for your pet's size;
  • Do not allow the dog to get on the bed anymore and whenever he does, get him out of bed immediately and repeat the act every time he tries again, be firm in this attitude;
  • If there is a possibility to walk the dog before sleeping, so he gets tired and sleeps quickly;
  • Guide your pet to his bed, taking him out of the owner's bed whenever he goes up and taking him to yours;
  • Leave the new pet bed in the same environment that he usually sleeps, stay close to the bed and call him close, giving commands and rewarding him whenever he hits, pet him until his dog falls asleep.

But what to do with a puppy that has just arrived home?

When a puppy arrives in a new home it is common for him to cry a lot, as he misses his mother and siblings. The best thing is that during the first week the puppy sleeps near the bed of the owner or another member of the family, he will still whimper, but will feel more safe and welcomed. After that you can start to leave the puppy in the place you want him to sleep, he will still cry, but he will suffer less.

Tips for choosing a good bed:

  • Choose a bed that is a little bigger than your dog, but keep in mind that it will not feel comfortable if the bed is too big and that it can hurt if the bed is smaller;
  • The material of the walk the dog it must be easy to wash and the type must be in accordance with the climate of the place where you live, choose cold fabrics or cotton if the place you live in is very hot, if the place is colder choose warmer fabrics and higher sides;
  • The walk must be a little high to avoid the dog's contact with the dust, humidity and cold of the floor, also avoiding the appearance of corns;
  • If there is a zipper on the cushion, keep it hidden so your dog does not have an accident;
  • Choose the bed according to your dog's age, a bed that is too high or with too large sides can cause a puppy to have an accident, while the elderly and dogs with dysplasia problems should have a suspended bed that is not too soft.

Other options for walks:

  • Umbrella fabric:

Do you know that old umbrella you have and don't know what to do? One option is to remove the frame and use the fabric to make a bed. Remove two fabrics from the frame and sew all around the two together, leaving a space to fill with blanket, stuffing or scraps.

Close your cushion and make captains in the center and in each place where there was a frame, this helps to make the filling uniform and the finish is very fluffy.

  • Pallets or wooden box:

You can use pallets or wooden boxes, like those from the fair, to make a bed. Use your imagination, paint and make a cute pillow to make your dog comfortable. The wooden box is a great option for smaller animals.

THE walk for dog home made is an alternative for those who like crafts and do not want to spend money buying one bed for your pet.

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