It's Chow-Chow and not Show Show! After all, how do you spell the name of the breeds?

Much is written about dogs, speaking from their ancestral history to the characteristics of each one, be it gentle, cheerful, energetic, playful, companion, quiet, hunting and surveillance or whatever. But the name of the breed is not always registered correctly, as in the case of Chow-Chow, which many believe is called "Show Show" or even "Chow Chow", without a hyphen.

With an Asian origin, more precisely from China, Chow-Chow was once a symbol of nobility and is an excellent guard dog. But just as people like their names spelled correctly, for sure he will be very upset and feeling like a “commoner” if he is called a Show Show.

What other right ways to write so I don't go wrong like the “Show Show”?

We can say that there is much to learn in the way in which the names of the races are written. And this not only enriches the vocabulary, but also makes it much easier to find information about each one of them. After all, if the research source lists the names in the wrong way, how do you ensure that the information is correct?

So, if you want to buy a Chow-Chow and read something about Show Show, run away! In the same way as Pinscher, we often find “Pintcher”, “Pinxer” and even “Pintier”. These little ones have a complicated way of having the writing of their race, but if you already think that, be aware that it is still easy, because they are native to Germany, the real name of those that are miniatures is Zwergpinscher. They are subtle in size, but with a great deal of difficulty when it comes to getting it right in the way of “writing them”.

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So, think fast: how do you spell the dog's name with big, droopy ears, a sad look, smooth coat that can be black, chocolate, caramel, cream, red or a mixture of some of them? It hit who kicked the Cocker Spaniel, but this is another name that causes as much confusion as the Show Show. Most know that it can be of the American or English type, but if you think about buying a "Coquer" or a "Cocker Spanhieol", for sure everyone will think that you are talking about a hairstyle or looking for a Spanish course.

Another hairy dwarf, but with a long and complicated name, is the Chihuahua. The letter "h" almost never appears and the "ch" is repeatedly replaced by "x", leaving the breed as "Xiuaua" or "Chiuaua". The way these pets are invoked, if they were aware of the mistake they make with their handwriting, they would not hesitate to get angry and mumble much more than normal!

One of the most beloved to be raised in apartments or small houses, the Yorkshire Terrier is also known as "York" or "Yorkie", however it is often confused with the city of New York (which we call New York here), so it is Portuguese and ends up being called “Iorkshire”. And for those who go further, making more mistakes than Show Show, “Iorquishaire”. It is worth repeating: if in your search for data from this type of dog, which is English, you find any of these ways of spelling, do not even waste time reading, because nothing that will be there will be reliable.

Here is not like the Show Show: the real or Brazilian name is worth it

Of course, words are being added to the language of a country, so in this mix we can also include the Brazilianness that is given to the races. An example is the Bulldog, which comes from the English "bull", bull, and "dog", dog. But it is not wrong to spell him as a bulldog, of whatever type (American, French, English or country boy), as long as one does not make the mistake of inserting another “l” and mischaracterizing everything.

Another dog that had its name very simplified here is the São Bernardo, because even though he is considered the “angel of the Alps”, for his help in wars and searches in the snow, he has the original name St. Bernardshund or Bernhardiner, typically German. Thanks to the “Hospice du Grand St. Bernard” monastery, where people passed through the Alps and were rescued by them, here in Brazil he was left with a simple way to be called, to the delight of those who have pets of this breed. Imagine when asked what his race is and have to answer: "He is St. Bernardshund". It is sure that it would leave any Brazilian very confused!

Unlike the Show Show, people learned their names from reading so much!

Due to lack of correct knowledge or prejudice, some races are discriminated against and their writing skills are assimilated from being read so much. The Rottweiler and Pit Bull, although some still write "Rotweiller", "Rotvailer" or even "Hotvailer", is one of the dogs that most has its spelling written in a certain way. This is because the prejudice in thinking that he and Pit Bull (which we also read around “Pitt Bull” or “Pity Bull”) are always the target of criticism, which ends up making their names recorded without difficulties.

We emphasize here that every dog ​​has his personality, but it is the breeding that makes him angry or not. Rottweilers (from the German Rottweill), for example, have always been great draft animals and even herders, which proves that they can be peaceful if they are well educated. The same happens with Pit Bull dogs, which are resistant, self-confident, very loyal to their owners and docile when treated well, but which in the United States and Rio de Janeiro have had their breeding banned by society's mistakes.

Show Show does not mean show, but there are famous names because of the TV

We usually not only bring the spelling of the races to the language of our country, but also nickname them. And if her name is difficult, even faster. An example is the “sausage” or “sausage”, whose real name is the Dachshund, also called Teckel. He has these two names because of the German origin of his name, Dackel. And if it were not enough to be known by food names, it is also called "Cofap", for having been the poster boy for the brand in the 90s, associating its characteristics with those of a car bumper.

Another similar case is that of the West Highland White Terrier, which is better known as "IG", an internet provider and which later added news portals and telephone companies. Many people don't even know his name and, even when they go to buy it, they call it that. And if this assimilation was not enough, he is also known for one of these pets being Ideiafix, the faithful and companion dog of Obelix, from the comic books. Of Scottish origin, its white color is the predominant one, that is why “White”.

Recently another breed has become synonymous with commercial: the Lulu of Poremânia (and not “Polemânia”, as many say). The little dog named Boo put on the “Crocs” (shoe that has an alligator as a model) and is now nicknamed like that by everyone. And the most curious thing is that they were based on the fact that he was “cute and tasty”, giving this allusion of image to the footwear.

Some more names you need to learn to write in addition to the Show Show

The basics of the basics are in the Basset, which many simply register “dachshund”. Another is Beagle, which is never a "bigou" or "bigle", for those who understand a little English, but only remember how to pronounce the end of the word. Poodle is also a common puppy to be seen, therefore, he is not a “púdou” or “pudle”, as can be found in some texts. That is, the case of Show Show it was unknown, but these mentioned breeds are practically mandatory to know how to write.

Finally, write down some more complicated designations, but from now on, when typing on Google or searching for a book about them, you will know exactly how to spell: Collie (with "ll"), Dobermann (with "nn" in end), Shar Pei (separate), Pug (not "Puggy" or "Puggie"), Lhasa Apso (also separate), Pekingese (not "Pikinese"), Sheepdog (together), Shih-tzu (with hyphen) and Foxhound (not “Fox Round”, looking like a fox fight in the Portuguese translation). Learn more about these and many other breeds by clicking here!

Now that you know how to write your dog's breed, just think of a cool name for him, which does not depend on grammatical rules, but on a lot of creativity!

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