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Study confirms: Dogs steal food secretly

What use is it if the best friend of man has understood that he shouldn't secretly grab our food if he does? A team of researchers from the University of Portsmouth, England found that dogs are four times as likely to snack as we are when we are away.


The researchers carried out an experiment with a total of 84 dogs, in which they darkened the room in which the food occupied by the owner, which was taboo for a dog, was located. Would good dog training still work? Unfortunately not: Because the further they dimmed the light, the more four-legged friends dared to eat the treats despite the officially pronounced ban. The official result is likely to be water on the mills of a large number of dog lovers: in complete darkness, the chance that the dog will dare to steal the food will increase fourfold.

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Dogs steal food secretly: but when and why?

Team leader Juliane Kaminski told National Geographic that the determining factor that prompted dogs to eat food wasn't necessarily the presence or absence of a person nearby. Rather, their decision depended on whether the food was in an illuminated area or not. In other words, as soon as the four-legged friends can be sure that they are visible to their master when they approach the feast, they hold back. In the dark, however, you feel unobserved - and secretly steal the forbidden food. It is not known whether the food thieves felt guilty afterwards.

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